Thursday, January 1, 2015

Just Keep Moving...

We are settling into our new home. 1100 square feet is small, but we are enjoying it! Not having stairs anymore is so refreshing. I've had a few friends over so far, who have been very understanding of the mess, and I didn't have to get their driver's license, proof of insurance, and registration first either! If you've never been on a military base... well, they like to keep security fairly tight. I've had friends turned away from getting on base for an essential oil class because they didn't know I had to meet them... The guys with guns are a big deterrent.

Now friends can just drop by, or I can leave things outside if someone needs to pick up a bottle of Breathe essential oil, or whatever. Mr. Deering is even putting a hook outside next to the door, so we can hang bags there.

It's been 7.5 years here in Louisiana, but we are finally at a home that we made a conscious choice to be in. Once we get a coop up, the chickens can come. I think we've decided to till the garden area, so that will happen once the rain stops... rain, rain, rain. 4 kids inside 1100 square feet with lots of boxes everywhere.

We are staying sane. I'm diffusing a lot of the "peaceful child blend" of essential oils that I put together. It helps.

I'll be posting pictures soon. My bathroom is lovely, and so is the kitchen! No more galley style!

How do you deal with bad weather and kids inside? Help me out with some ideas.

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