Thursday, January 22, 2015

Work With Me?

I'm a "WAHM". Ever heard that term? It means, "work at home mom". What do I do exactly? Sometimes Mr. Deering must wonder...

I do regular mom stuff, homeschool four kids, dream of a nice chicken coop, order potatoes and apples in bulk, and share essential oils with people.

As a doula, I got to know many wonderful moms around here. One of them gave me a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with Hazel. It was a little set of three essential oils. I thought, "great... I have some oils but don't know how to use them!" Luckily, this set came with directions! It had lemon, lavender, and peppermint in it. I compared them to some I had on my shelf. Instantly, I could tell the peppermint was much stronger in my gift set.

Then, my friend Harmony invited me to an essential oils class that some friend of hers was leading for her. So on a cold, cold day in Louisiana (20 degrees is COLD in Louisiana), I took my bundled up newborn baby with me to learn more. 

I was in love with the idea that I could get good, clear information on how to use oils, and it was a set of information that went with the brand (ensuring consistency). I had a little doula money left and I had already decided that I wanted some of these oils. So I bought the biggest set I had money for. I had very set guidelines... I wanted toothpaste, and a wooden box. And that's what I got. 
See, toothpaste and box. Very important. 
Harmony graciously bought me an awesome book as a thank you for getting a kit through her class, and I took off. I posted on Facebook to see if any friend wanted to learn more, because I thought it was cool. 17 people showed up to my first event, and Harmony was leading it (for her first time!). Three friends wanted their own oils, so I got them some books as a thank you, and they started using their oils too. 
Really big book of oils. Very handy.

That was one year ago. Since then, I've helped around 20 good friends get sets of oils and books. Some of them have helped friends, and so on. We started a Facebook group to keep up with all of them, and we ask questions and share ideas. Like... what's the best oil to get vomit smell out of a carpet? Yeah.

I dragged Mr. Deering to doTERRA's convention in Salt Lake City, Utah in September. I walked across stage with a bunch of other people, in front of 18,000 oil users while he held the baby and took pictures.  He insisted we buy our tickets for 2015 on the last day of it. So we did. 

So. Oils. They're pretty awesome, and I love helping people learn about them. I see oils, supplements, chiropractic care, fitness, and nutrition as pieces of the "wellness lifestyle" puzzle. 

Want to try some? Email me. Want to work with me? I have a place for you too. 

And P.S. I still give that really big book of oils as a thank you gift. You're welcome. 

Visit my link if you want to jump in, but I'd love to talk with you first. I want you to get exactly what you're looking for too. Even if it's just toothpaste and a box. Click the tiny "join" button in the top right hand of the page for the best way to do it, and choose "Wellness Advocate" to help me know that you need that big book. 

Not sure? There's an oil for that too. Some say Lemon or Peppermint help if you're indecisive! Not sure if I can vouch for that myself. Must try more Lemon in my diffuser.

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