Monday, March 11, 2019

Muse Meditation Headband

Want to meditate but you need a little more guidance? I have a Muse headband, and it's pretty awesome. I have a referral link here, and I made a video of how it works.

I really wish I had gotten the one with the Heart Rate Variability option though. So, do that for yourself!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Favorite Oil Supplies

Here are some ideas of things I use or just cute items that you may need. These are affiliate links, so use them if you'd like to support me in all my endeavors. If you find you need a different product after clicking on one of these links, go for it! I still get a few pennies as thanks.

Essential oil rollers, for making recipes to use on the go. I make rollers CONSTANTLY.

I usually buy doTERRA's brand of fractionated coconut oil, but in a pinch or when I need it in bulk, I'll use this.

Spray bottles for ouchie sprays, room fresheners, throat sprays and more.

A super cute option to carry around oils, or just keep them safe in one spot in your house.  

Super cute notebook for oil recipes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Carnivore Day 3

Day 3. I miss some vegetables. And nuts. Maybe mostly nuts. But my stomach is not at all ever bloated. I'm the same weight I was yesterday, 124.2 lbs. I feel good. I added MCT oil back into my coffee to stretch my morning fast out just a bit and made it to 10:00 am today. When I'm at home, I don't fast as well as when I'm out. Tomorrow is Bible Study- I should take some boiled eggs and cheese with me just in case there's no animal based breakfast options. I ate 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, one burger patty with provolone cheese for brunch. Coffee with a little butter and MCT. A little salami and cheese around 2 pm with a glass of raw milk. Dinner was meatballs made with eggs and parmesan for a binder. Very nice. And some whole milk mozzarella. And maybe another bit of raw milk after that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Carnivore Day 2: Ron Swanson

Today is day 2 of the carnivore experiment. Last night while watching Parks and Recreation, my husband said I've become Ron Swanson (a character that eats mostly eggs, bacon and steak). Today I ate: Scrambled eggs with shredded mozzarella. Coffee and heavy cream. A little cheese and bit of a sausage link with a glass of raw milk. A few salami slices on the way home from gymnastics. 2 pieces of Turkey schnitzel, a slice of bacon, and a little brie for dinner.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Carnivore Experiment: Day 1

I've been mulling over the idea for a while- but today I bit the bullet. If you've never heard of the idea of eating animal based, go check it out. Meat Heals is one site full of nearly 100 stories of healing or remission from a variety of things, from Hashimoto's to PTSD and chronic pain. I first heard of it from Jimmy Moore of Livin' La Vida Low Carb fame. Dr Ken Berry is another guy I follow that has been doing it for a year or so. Today I did some intermittent fasting until 1 pm and then had scrambled eggs with Italian sausage crumbled in. Sea salt and pepper and a little whole milk mozzarella to top it. On the side, I had some German style bacon (or any that I got before my 3 year old came and found me). Delicious and filling. Dinner was turkey schnitzel (flat meat) filled with ricotta and wrapped up in thin bacon. I baked it for around 30 minutes and it was tasty. I had a little treat- a glass of raw milk after that. Starting weight: 126 lbs.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Sauna and B-School

I recently came across Marie Forleo and the idea of B-School. Again. An old friend of mine had told me about it years ago, and I thought it sounded pretty cool. But expensive. It's an online business and marketing school with rave reviews across many sectors. Well. The price was right under $2000. She has some smaller free classes. Check this one out by clicking here. And I had made an impulse buy of a personal sauna from Sunlighten one week ago. The cost... Right around $2000. So I entered a contest to try and win a scholarship to B-School, because she gives away a certain number of them per year, some of them only for military and their families. The drawing was to be on Wednesday and I was feeling good about it. But then I got an email from Denise DT, the author of a little book called Get Rich Lucky Bitch. She has a course called Money Bootcamp that has had great reviews from people I respect in doTERRA, like Desiree Mangandog. I happened to pick up this book and work on finishing it earlier in that day. When that email came in, I saw that it was an offer connected to B-School. Opening it up, I saw that Denise's course goes for just under $2000, same price as B-School. But if I decided to sign up for B-School on Tuesday, through Denise's link, she would give me the entire $2000 Money Bootcamp for free... Talking it over with my husband, I came to the idea that... maybe I could swing this. IF I could get a refund on the sauna that hadn't even shipped yet. Turns out, I could. Citing military moving (which is true), and the need to run the sauna on a transformer (also true), I made my case and plan to buy a different model from the Sunlighten company later on this year (another true thing).... they gave me my refund. I don't want to be in the same room with my Instant Pot when it's on a transformer (to convert the power to the right voltage from 110V to 220V- you only know this when you live overseas).... using the sauna while on a transformer is like me being INSIDE the Instant Pot. Um.... no. Even if it's fine, I could still break the sauna. I'm annoyed I used my $400 Blendtec on one, let alone a sauna!!! Now I use my Hyundai blender, made for 220V, which I love. So.... long story short: I'm going to B-School!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2019


Did you know that there is basically a podcast for everything? I love learning new things on subjects I'm interested in. I wanted to share the app I use and some favorites of mine.

I use the Castbox app, which is free. I downloaded it on my Android phone and here are some podcasts I subscribe to.