Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why We Get Fat

I finished a book by this title almost 3 weeks ago. It's by Gary Taubes. It sat on my shelf for months before I got around to reading it. But it was time for a change. Pregnancy weight is no fun if the "baby" is 2 years old now!

The book was pretty short and sweet compared to Taubes other tomes. The end result of the book is a plan he outlines to avoid the insulin driving carbohydrates. So I'm giving it a go. 8 lbs down in 2.5 weeks isn't bad at all.

The Plan:

When Hungry, Eat:
Meat, Eggs, Fish

Up to 2 cups or so of leafy greens per day
Up to 1 cup of above ground veggies per day
(in the beginning those may be good as a minimum, but for the greens averse people, don't sweat it)

Optional things to add in:
2 Pickles (not sweet)
6 Olives (I do 6 ish...)
4 TBS Cream
4 TBS Mayo (I don't really like Mayo)
4 oz Cheese (any kind but Velveeta or American processed product)
Avocado 1/2 a large or a whole small
Pepperoni, Salami, Lunchmeat without sugar
Up to 3 cups of Coffee (heavy cream is good in there)

No Alcohol
After desired weight loss, add in as an experiment. Avoid beer.

Sugar, Milk, Grains, Beans, Corn, Potatoes (or Sweet Potatoes), Dried Peas, Carrots or other underground Veggies, Fruit (Berries, up to 1/4 cup per day can be included if desired)

This guy is not affiliated with Gary Taubes, but he gives a nice little visual on how it works.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A WIC Meal

We live overseas and the military considers us qualified for the WIC or Women Infants and Children program.

I know a lot of "natural" minded people may be thinking... what can I do with all that food that we don't normally eat? Or just anyone... "What do I do with all that fish?"

So here is a meal we had tonight thanks to the WIC Overseas program.

Salmon Cakes by MarkDailyApple
Made with WIC Salmon and Eggs

Cream of Tomato Soup (Dairy Free version)
My recipe!
WIC provides a ton of juice in my opinion and not even the AAP suggests drinking that much.
See the new statement on juice here.  Ignore their ideas of low fat milk for older children.
Look at new info here on that. I'm still hoping WIC changes this low fat thing at some point.
WIC allows us to get TOMATO JUICE also. Instead of Juicy Juice or Ocean Spray, we get big cans of plain tomato juice. I use it in anything that needs tomato- like chili.

When made with cream cheese, it has been called "The Best Soup Ever" by my son and husband. Both are non soup lovers. With coconut milk, it's still pretty good.

Yogurt Dip
My recipe also....
WIC gives us plain no fat yogurt in two big tubs. So I took a cup of it, added Italian spices, salt, and one drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil. Blend and use it to top the salmon cakes.

How do you use WIC? Comment and share some ideas with me!

When Theodore was under 1 year, we got baby food. Since we do Baby Led Weaning, I got creative. Pumpkin Apple is a favorite in smoothies. Any fruit or fruit blend got chilled in the fridge and my big kids drank them with a straw. Veggies like carrot are nice for soups, sweet potato is a good one as a binder in salmon patties or similar recipes, and butternut squash is great in a curry. All meats should be only meat and broth. This means.... it's canned "bullion". Any time I need extra beef or chicken flavor in a dish, I add a jar or two.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Attention Deficits?

We've all heard of it, right? We've got intimate experience with it here, and we've tried an array of things.

I had a mom ask me for natural support for attention of her teenager- because the teen wants to have options.

So here's some of the run down I gave her.


Fish Oil

Extra Fat (butter and coconut oil, possibly MCT oil)

Caffeine (if it's appropriate for the age)

Chewable Pencil Toppers

Fidget Devices

Essential Oils that support Brain function and Attention
(email me for suggestions on that one- some are stinky and kids won't use what they don't like)

Do you have any extra ideas? Share them!

iTovi scanner

Have you seen this handy scanner? It gives you ideas of oils and supplements to use. Watch this video to see more. It's kind of cool. I've had mine for a year now and it's another useful tool around the house. I've scanned baby Theodore when he was crying for what I thought was no reason. I applied the few oils it suggested to his feet, diluted, and he calmed enough to nurse and go to sleep. Weird, but helpful!
 Just in case you're interested, I do have a referral link. If you'd like to support my work at home mom business. :) If not, that's ok too! 
Actual size of the scanner- it works with my phone's bluetooth.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What I'm Reading

This book has some interesting tidbits. Like, did you know selenium binds to mercury (and I believe helps your body dispose of it)? It's in Brazil Nuts. Optimum amount, around 4 to 6 nuts a day. No more.

Vitamin D Baby!

A video I did on Vitamin D and my experience. Click to watch. Here's my affiliate link if you'd like to try what I'm using. Also, Vitamin K is important when supplementing Vitamin D. Here is Dr. Mercola's take on the subject too, check it out.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


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