Thursday, December 25, 2014


Moving to an acre and a half is making me excited for spring!  And in Louisiana, planting time comes early. I found my old Baker Creek catalog while packing, and it's so fun! If you'd like your own, go here to request it. We had the chance to visit the Missouri location when I was pregnant with Liam, back in 2010. If you ever get close to the Missouri, California, or Connecticut location, check it out! They hold festivals and have all kinds of fun things to see and try.

So far, we need:

Peach trees (4 maybe?)
Raspberry bushes (5?)
Satsuma tree (1 or 2? I need more info on these)

Mary Washington Asparagus
Nantes Scarlet Carrot
Nero Di Toscana Cabbage
Dragon's Egg Cucumber
Suyo Long Cucumber
Japanese Daikon Radish
Lebanese White Marrow Squash
Five Color Silverbeet (chard)
Boule d'or Turnip
I still need to decide on a melon...

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