Friday, December 19, 2014

Fresh Milk

I'm drinking my coffee this morning with fresh milk, from a local cow. It's been a while! We dabble in dairy free for my 5 year old daughter, she can't handle milk. I met a man at my chiropractor's office this spring that gave me a gallon of fresh milk as a gift. I then promptly lost his number. Now that we are moving, my husband found it behind the filing cabinet! So I gave him a call, 8 months later, and he remembered me! We met up last night for a milk and essential oil exchange. He wanted to try something for sleep and headaches.

We are now into the moving process. And we don't have to pay a pet deposit for our chickens, so that makes me happy!

While we were in Florida for Thanksgiving, I bought fresh milk from a charming little store called Food and Thought. It was on the shelf, labeled for "pet consumption only".

My 4 year old son can only drink fresh milk, or goat milk. Not sure why. My sister in law has pretty bad reactions to dairy, so it may come from her. My sister says she feels best dairy free too. When my son has ice cream, or conventional milk, he will have.... accidents the next day.

My 5 year old daughter gets itchy with milk. It's hard to see, because she's black, but I think she gets a rash when she eats dairy. Maybe someday she'll outgrow it. But for now, no dairy.

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