Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Azure Standard

Azure Standard is one way we save money and buy speciality items. We follow a mostly wheat free eating style.  Right now we're going to do a Whole30. Or a Mostly 30 because we are weenies and need a little honey in our coffee.

Haven't heard of the Whole30?  Check out their website to learn more.

Back to Azure though.  I used to be the local drop manager and it was great.  I earned a little back every month to go towards my groceries.  They are great for seasonal produce like organic apples or potatoes.  Today was our drop and the whole family went to help out. As the last stuff comes off the semi truck I start to wonder what I did.... turns out I forgot to order this month.

So until next drop, I will miss you, organic apples! They were on sale, 20 lbs for $14. I'm not crying.  Really.

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