Friday, September 26, 2014

Mouse Adventures

Today, I saved a woman from a mouse. Well, I saved her from having to move the dead mouse in a trap out of her kitchen. My neighbor's husband is deployed and I can't imagine trying to use the appropriate chain of command for that... "Um, yeah, I called the Shirt to get rid of a dead mouse."

So she came to my front door in her jammies. Luckily, I found some kind of long garden tool in our shed and a Trader Joe's paper bag. So my son Xander and I went over. He was backup. I was able to hook the trap (with the fully dead mouse atttached) right into the paper bag.

We live on base, and we're an Air Force family. There are pros and cons to base life. Good neighbors, ones that you can call when you're stranded with a dead mouse, are the best.

Do you know your neighbors? This week, try to introduce yourself to at least one. You never know who you'll meet. Maybe your next best friend.

Watch out for mice. Sneaky buggers.

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