Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jumping In

It’s been a while since I have been a member of the blog world. I’m jumping back in. I think an introduction is in order.
My name is Mrs. Deering and I’m married to the wonderful Mr. Deering. Together we have four small Deerings: two through adoption and two homegrown surprises. Xander is 8, Lorelei is 5, Liam is 3, and Hazel is 8 months. We are fairly busy, yes.
Mr. Deering is in the Air Force. We live where the Air Force puts us. So far, they have seen fit to leave us in Louisiana for quite some time. We’re settling in and have made peace with that… mostly.
I, Mrs. Deering, am a self-taught lifestyle coach or wellness advocate. I love the way our bodies are designed by God to heal and flourish when given the right tools and fuel. I am also passionate about making educated parenting choices. I am a certified doula and former breastfeeding counselor- I have been known to randomly help women with baby carriers or nursing questions when out and about.
So, hello again, blog world. I hope to be sharing bits of our lives to help encourage others and share information on my topics of passion… stay tuned.

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