Thursday, March 12, 2015

In Praise of Food

I am 7 weeks pregnant. So far, no aversions have kicked in, no nausea that isn't easily banished by a little lemon or ginger essential oil.

But I am in love with food. I downloaded a pregnancy app called "I'm Expecting" on my phone. It tells me my weight gain of 5 lbs in the past 7 weeks is excessive. I'm going to delete it if it won't shut its rude self... I reflected the other night while stewing about that term, "excessive", that I gain just about 40 lbs each pregnancy. So I should be gaining about 1 lb per week to do that. I know there's a point in the last pregnancy that I plateaued and didn't gain, or even lost a little. Somewhere in the second or third trimester. So, "I'm Expecting" that I'll be just fine.

So far... I've needed some Greek salad. Gyros. French fries with that... Lettuce wraps with chicken and avocado and oil and vinegar. That was key for some reason. Chicken soup. And a few things with sour cream. Greek yogurt with strawberries is also good. And caramel chocolate Magnum ice cream bars... yeah. Soooo not Paleo. But then, neither was the yogurt.

(not my salad, just a picture from the interwebs)

I'm doing my best to keep up with a few supplements, fish oil, fermented cod liver oil, magnesium, probiotics. Just a few to try and build up some good fat stores for the little one's brain! This article suggests that firstborn kids are often smartest due to the largest concentration of DHA fat stores in their mom's body. 

This article has a lot to say on closely spaced babies and how it impacts mom's health.  These two babies aren't too closely spaced, Hazel will be 23 months when the new one is born. But it's closer than is my ideal... Hazel is still nursing, a LOT, and I know that my body is working hard to keep up.

Anyway. I walked into our classroom at Classical Conversations today and mentioned that I smelled cucumbers... the tutor said I have a great sense of smell... they were packed in her lunch. I laughed and told her I'm pregnant. It's a gift.

Now I want some cucumbers in a salad. With feta cheese. And after rereading the above article, I need to get some raw milk. And if you give a pregnant foodie some raw milk, she'll want some gluten free cookies to go with it. 

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